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We provide a full recruiting and sales life cycle Gap Analysis based on Recruitment Total Quality Management (RTQM) and execute a tailored performance optimization action plan based on proven best practices and the immediate needs of your staffing firm.  Learn more...

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"I've known Jay for over nine years - first as a client, soon as an admired client, and then as a friend and a respected industry colleague. Jay has always demonstrated a keen mastery of the staffing and talent management space. He's an expert on the interpersonal aspect of human capital as well as its value propositions. Jay has a knack for identifying innovations of value, sorting them out from the over-hyped fluff that might pass by and is deft at change management. Mr. Powell is a leader, an analyst, an advisor, a mentor and a great achiever. I'm very glad to have met him and to have this opportunity to share my high regard for him."

Diya Obeid

CEO, JobDiva