Customized Technical Recruiter Training

We provide an online recruiter academy training experience unlike any other on the market, completely customized for your team. The training we provide covers recruiter fundamentals up through advanced recruitment strategies. Let us develop a customized training experience for your recruiting team based on best practices that will increase the individual contributors' performance. Our methods have been practiced and perfected over time. We use your business goals as the foundation for creating  personalized training materials for your recruiters.



Our Formalized Training Includes:

  • Understanding Creative Search Methods
  • Job Order Management Prioritization 
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Time Management for Technical Recruiters
  • Search, Sourcing and Candidate Pipeline Strategies
  • First Impressions and Establishing Credibility
  • Candidate Control and Handling Objections
  • References, Referrals and Resume Analysis
  • Salary and Hourly Rate Negotiation
  • Qualifying and Submitting Candidates
  • Establishing Feedback Loops and Following Up With Candidates 
  • Candidate Briefing and Debriefing For Interviews 
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Pre-closing the Candidate 
  • Presenting Offers and Handling Counter Offers
  • Closing the Candidate 
  • Candidate Onboarding and Care After Placement
  • JobDiva ATS Advanced Power User
  • IT Recruiter Training
  • And Much More...

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