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Jay Powell

Recruiting Strategy Consultant & Managing Partner

Angela Powell

Chief Financial Strategist & Managing Partner 

Asia Preston

Digital Recruitment Marketing


We Partner With You To Create Strategies That Drive Success

At Recruiting Factors, we specialize in providing progressive training and recruiting solutions for corporate, human resources talent acquisition teams and staffing recruiting teams. We create customized, repeatable processes designed to enhance recruiting and talent acquisitions organizations end-to-end productivity and performance.shutterstock_369899225 (2).jpg

Our services address the full life cycle of talent acquisition and recruiting using proven techniques and methodologies for sourcing, pipelining, recruitment, qualification, interviewing and onboarding strategies necessary to effectively compete for both, passive and active talent. We develop talent communities by leveraging digital and social media channels and technology.

Our clients hire us to help streamline and optimize the end-to-end recruitment and talent acquisition processes and workflows to maximize their organization's performance and productivity. Results are measured in reduced time-to-fill, increased individual contributor performance, recruiter engagement and increased return on investment.

We perform talent acquisition and recruiting organizational optimization audits and assessments, eLearning for recruiters and provide most placeable candidates for IT staffing firms, corporate human resources and Federal and State Governments' internal positions.



"A chance meeting with Jay was one of the best things to happen to my recruiting team. The process improvements he helped us put in place increased our productivity by 3X, and has allowed us to both reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of our efforts. Jay is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him highly."

Eric Oelschlaeger

President, Epsilon