Our Strategic Recruiting Solutions Process

The SRS process is a proven solution for underperforming staffing firms and talent acquisition teams looking to pulling all the pieces of their recruiting organization together, incorporating several tools and strategies in the right order to strengthen the recruiting function of their business.

Before We Get Started:
Select Your Implementation Expert: Before beginning the SRS process, you need to select someone to act as the liaison between your organization and the Recruiting Factors team. This person will act as your “SRS Implementation Expert” and guide your leadership and recruiting teams through the SRS process. It is important that this person understands the role in its entirety and that they can share information with the Recruiting Factors team openly and in a timely manner.

The Discovery Meeting: This is a chance for our Recruiting Factors Team to introduce themselves and get acquainted with your leadership team and recruiting organization. In this first discovery meeting, we will: 

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.18.18 PM.png
  • Discuss the organization’s goals 
  • Become acquainted with the current recruiting processes and identify inefficiencies
  • Introduce you to the SRS process
  • Address any questions you may have
The Process:

Remote Discovery Audit: Following our initial Discovery Meeting, we will work diligently offsite to familiarize ourselves with your processes and technology. Our Recruiting Factor’s team will use this Remote Discovery Audit as a base for our Onsite Assessment, arming ourselves with the tools and best practices to turn your recruiters into a high-performing recruiting organization.

The Onsite Assessment: Our Recruiting Factor’s team will work hands-on with your “SRS Implementation Expert” and recruiters to uncover disruptions in your current recruiting process that are negatively impacting your bottom line. This assessment is a completely immersive experience where we look at the impact of your recruiters, recruiting process, recruiting goals and how each align with the overall goals you have for your organization.

The Action Plan: Once we have conducted a thorough analysis of your recruiting organization, processes and systems, our Recruiting Factors team puts together an in-depth review of what we’ve discovered. We use this information to prepare a Recruiting Performance Optimization Action Plan customized to the unique needs of your organization. 

Implementation & Training: With approval from your leadership team, we begin to implement the process changes outlined in the Recruiting Performance Optimization Action Plan. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating documentation for your recruiting organization to guide them through the new recruiting process
  • Integrating new systems designed to maximize productivity
  • Optimizing current system functions so that they are being utilized at maximum capability
  • Working directly with your recruiting team to answer questions and provide guidance in real time to perfect the new process

Quarterly Follow-up & Customer Care: This is a day with your leadership team that occurs during each quarter for a year following the implementation of your new recruiting processes. We will use these sessions to evaluate performance, set our priorities and resolve any issues that may impede progress.

Like our process, you will love the results!

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