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Recruiting Factors specializes in helping JobDiva’s IT Staffing & Recruiting customers gain an unfair advantage in how they adopt its ATS/CRM functionality from end-to-end throughout their entire organization. JobDiva is not just for recruiting, but it is designed to run your entire staffing firm when properly configured and managed.

Recruiting Factors can take the guess work out of making all the pieces to the puzzle fit and seamlessly help you harness all the feature rich and functional capabilities of JobDiva relieving frustration caused by not having the expertise in-house to completely benefit from your investment. Whether you have already deployed JobDiva or are considering it, Recruiting Factors can help you quickly get the greatest return-on-investment through increased user adoption so that your staff exploits its full functionality from day one. 

Recruiting Factor’s JobDiva Consulting Services:

  • Implementation- We leverage our hands-on experience and first-hand knowledge of JobDiva to systematically map data from your present ATS and leverage JobDiva’s robust capabilities through effective change management. We will prioritize the most important features and functionalities you want to leverage in JobDiva through a punch list created from an audit of what is the most important. We help take the guess work out of implementing JobDiva and assist you in working towards a paperless workplace while reducing manually intensive workflows. 
  • Integration- Integrating your staffing firms existing back office solutions with JobDiva allows for your staff to be better organized and information is readily available within the system for management. Integrating your front and back office systems with JobDiva creates greater efficiencies, reduces manpower required, and reduces front and back office processing costs.
  • User Adoption & Training- Recruiting Factors trainers develop training based on conversations with management for further development and create supporting documented material for staffing and recruiting teams. Recruiting Factors will develop customized training and perform either on-site or through remote webinar training sessions that institute or augment existing training programs for current employees or newly hired staff. Whether a newbie to the staffing industry or seasoned veteran our training re-enforces how your staff is to utilize JobDiva and get the most out of it.
  • Optimization & Automation- Let us optimize your front and back office processes through automation. Automation minimizes the risk of human error and manual manipulation required by your staff. JobDiva enables users to automate notifications, emails triggered by users actions, on-boarding processes, timesheet coddlers, background check ordering, job harvesters and much more. 
  • Additional Support- Whether your staffing company has been on JobDiva for a while or just now getting it up and running. Recruiting Factors can help you in leveraging all the system efficiencies quickly. Our knowledge and expertise can either augment or completely replace your in-house administration of JobDiva. We aren’t going anywhere so you will never be left to figure it out when staff moves on

Learn more about how Recruiting Factors can help you maximize your staffing firm's usage of JobDiva by scheduling a no obligation, free JobDiva Consulting Call with us today. 

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